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Outcall hours 10-9 pm by appointment only. I charge an additional $15 if driving further than 15 miles from Tarzana, CA to get to you.


A relaxing, soothing massage using gentle gliding strokes promoting body/mind relaxation. Although initially soft, if desired, my Swedish massage can go deeper. Reflexology is included in all of my Swedish sessions so your feet won't feel left out.

60 minutes $65
90 minutes $85.

Esalen style light touch

A relaxing, soothing massage using long, featherlike gentle strokes promoting body/mind relaxation. If you're looking for the ultimate in pampering, this is the massage for you as I lightly glide my hands over one full side of your body at a time. Appropriate draping is used. This is the softest of all massage types.

60 minutes $65
90 minutes $85.

Deep Tissue/Sports

This a more technical and sometimes more aggressive style that "really gets in there". This massage is for any person, athlete or not, who needs something deeper than just Swedish. In a normal Swedish massage, I do work on specific trouble spots, but deep tissue works the entire body with most work on back, shoulders, neck and legs.

60 minutes, $65. 90 minutes $85.


Do you work on a set, studio, office and just need a quick "pick me up" for yourself and coworkers? It's a great treat for a bridal shower, spa party or special event! Let me come to you. I offer a clothed massage on a table, or I can bring a massage chair for a relaxing back massage.

Free 60 min Swedish in-home massage for scheduler of 6 hour on-site day.

Based on per minute - $1/min, or 6 1/2 hour day rate with 1/2 hour lunch for $300. Rates vary for weddings and events depending on location, type and time frame requested.